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Compliance Hotline = Values Line

It’s simply good business to report…Toll free, day or night, anonymously, 24/7/365


Refuse to stand by quietly if you or the hospital values are compromised.


Report things like fraudulent activity, breaches of confidentiality,

inappropriate behavior, bribes and kickbacks, harassment or discrimination, and quality of care issues.


Call the hotline at 888-475-8376.




To report violations of HIPAA Privacy, contact the HIPAA Privacy Officer Jessica Delost 784-4578, or email Jessica at:


HIPAA Security


HIPAA security issues must be reported immediately.  Inadequate security of patient information, including electronic medical records (EMR), hospital email, and systems must be reported to maintain the integrity and privacy of this information.  The HIPAA IT Security Officer, Matt Brown, can be reached at 784-2248, or email at:

How to Contact Us

To contact Gibson Area Hospital directly call (217) 784-4251. For Security Concerns please call the Security Officer at (217) 379-7781. For general questions or comments about the GAHHS website, fill out the form on the contact page or email .

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 (217) 784-4251